Lodestone is a verbal strategy firm.

We help clients orchestrate their written and spoken communications, so that every word serves a central purpose.

Because words matter.

Every place you’re promoting your business, you’re likely using words. And every one of those places is an opportunity to either help or hinder your brand:

In advertising, in social media, in branded content, in search (both paid and organic)

In public relations, in corporate communications, in investor relations

In email, in speeches, in employee communications, in apps (if you have them)

At retail, at trade shows, at your other marketing events

On your website, on packaging, on signage, on branded merchandise

And in everyday conversations

Brands that understand verbal strategy consistently deliver their key messages, reinforce their value propositions and differentiate themselves in the minds of their target audiences. Brands that don’t understand this are simply making noise.

That’s where Lodestone comes in.

We help our clients align all their messaging, across all their communication channels, in one brand voice. Which leads to stronger, more clearly-defined and better-differentiated brands. From strategy through execution, Lodestone provides the full range of verbal strategy services.